Hi everyone

****I posted new questions about compilers and editors in the comments please read them :) ****

I am an experienced programmer and know a few languages.

I want to start making games with a windows 7 computer for any operating system (linux, Mac and Windows).

I do not know which is the best coding language to use for that that is free But has a good compiler and runs well. I also do not want to use software like gamemaker or construct. Something like c++ or java or love2D so please take that into consideration!

Also what libraries would I need for 2D games for now to make it with.

Thanks so much for your help in advance! I really want to become some kind of game devloper so this is key.

Hope you all are having fun in the ludum dare! Expect me to be ready for the next one!

Hope my questions make sense!

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14 Responses to “what programming language should I learn to code 2D or 3D games? (experienced programmer)”

  1. swipefaststudios says:

    I may want to try 3D games in the future as well!

  2. Jishenaz says:

    Consider Monogame. I haven’t personally used it, but it’s pretty popular lately.

  3. BNeutral says:

    Well it depends on the type of game you want to make.
    I code mostly 2D games.
    I code a lot of flash games, due to how easy it’s to get people to play web stuff, and that AS3 is an actual standalone language these days. I use the Flashpunk and Flixel libraries for help, depending on the kind of game. Sterling if I want hardware acceleration, but that has almost never been the case.
    If I need more CPU power than what I can get in a browser I use Java with Slick2D.
    If I need even more power or want to manage memory manually, I use C++ and SDL. But development times are a lot slower in C++ so I tend to avoid it.
    That’s about it.

  4. I use C# with XNA … is awesome! you should try it (:

  5. diagostimo says:

    well if your looking for something java related you could always try LWJGL, its capable of 2D and 3D, also LWGJL has a library called slick2D that acts as a wraper for 2D games made with it, another alternative is c# with xna as that is also 2D and 3D, good luck :)

  6. Cognizant Game Studios says:

    I use mainly Java is LibGDX, its a library for 2D and 3D games, very good, easy to use solution for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. I know you don’t want to use Gamemaker or Construct, but what about Unity3D you program in C# JS, or Boo, and I believe there is a 2D toolkit for it too.

  7. J.Barrows says:

    Monogame is pretty much XNA for all platforms. It’s open source, so it’s free, but not the most reliable.
    Unity seems like one of the best, but if you want to sell a large amount of games, you’ll have to pay out the subscription price.

  8. Gazok says:

    All this is opinion, but… I would say: avoid Java at all costs. If you’re considering Java, look to Scala or other languages like it that work around Java’s nastiness. I can almost always tell a Java game from how broken it is, and how slowly it loads/runs.

    Avoid scripting languages (Lua (LOVE), Python (Pygame)) because not being able to compile your game increases the chance of game-crashing bugs.

    That leaves a whole load of languages, but the one most people who agree with the above would use is C++. As for the libraries to use, a lot of people go with SDL, but increasingly I use SFML because SDL is a C API, and that imports a whole load of danger from C that C++ can avoid.

  9. Croze says:

    I’m in love with java, just want to through that our there 😛 Gazok probably just bases his info off of 1 kid who had a bad experience with it, java is good for games, data, and really just about anything

  10. swipefaststudios says:

    Thanks for all of your comments so far and responding quickly! I have tried to learn Java with lwjgl but it proved to be complicated.
    So I am looking to use either c# or c++!
    But I have 2 or more questions. 1. Can mac or linux run games made with those languages?
    2. What compiler do I use to compile the code to run like minigw or is it already embeded in the code?
    And what code editor should I use? I am thinking eclipse ide c version or codeblocks any suggestions?
    Finally should I learn how to code the languages through videos, books or online text tutorials?
    Thanks for your help!

  11. BNeutral says:

    If Java was complicated for you, C++ will kill you.
    If your problem was with lwjgl which is pretty barebones, try Slick2D.
    C# is just Java with some different things, but made by an evil company yadda yadda yadda.

  12. swipefaststudios says:

    Well I could code in it I just dont know whwre to find a good tutorial or shold I look for a book?
    I will try java again!

  13. swipefaststudios says:

    And I will try c++ or c#!

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