Time’s flying by, it’s already the evening of the first jamming day here in Belgium! But no pressure – yet – ’cause things are going smoothly.

We’ve got some screenshots of the level design in progress to show you :


Looking good! Well… an intended creepy kind of good!

Houhouhou, can you feel the shivers down your spine?

Houhouhou, can you feel the shivers down your spine?

Now, a word about the gameplay.

Our character will wake up in a deserted hospital and will have to try to find a way out. She (yes, the hero is a woman) will soon be aware that she’s not alone : strange humanoid beings are looming around the place, attracted by sound, light and, of course, the character’s movements if in their vision.

The gameplay twist lies in the fact that our character can move and act during 10 seconds (there you have it!) while the monsters can’t move, and when the time’s over, it switches… And the player won’t be able to hurt the monster in anyway, if you get caught… game over. Of course, we will do our best to find the right balance for the difficulty level, the monsters shouldn’t be too quick for instance.

Scary, right? At least we hope it’ll be at least a liiiittle bit stressful.

Concerning the storyline, let’s not unveil everything here… Here’s the beginning from our character’s mouth :

“It was 5 months ago… I think. 5 months ago that the accident happened. We were driving in the night, back from a holiday trip. The girls were sleeping in the back while Jason and I were pounding about getting some rest in the next motel we’d find on the road.┬áThe truck seemed to come out of nowhere. They told me the driver was asleep when he hit us. I can still hear the scream of our beautiful baby girls… and Jason…

I stayed in a coma for two months, hanging between life and death. Had I known what happened, I would have gladly chosen the latter, but God clearly had other plans…

My physical remission was quick, according to the doctors, but they worried about my mental health. They considered me suicidal, and having no remaining relatives alive, they didn’t trust me to go back to my life, or what little was left of it. Instead they sent me to the GSM rehabilitation center. And truth is, I didn’t care enough for my life to protest.”


Well, well well… to be continued…


8 Responses to “Well, “Get well soon” is going well, and everything’s well. Literally.”

  1. Jod says:

    Cool use of the concept! Looking forward to see the end result!

  2. Interesting twist of the theme, i like it :)

  3. StargazerV says:

    Yeah, great!

  4. Optimus6128 says:

    Wow, that looks quite atmoshperic. And the concept is interesting too. Let’s see how you will tweak the gameplay balance for this.

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