The Progess is Flowing Like A Stream

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August 24th, 2013 2:41 pm

I’m loving the progress on this competition. Much more smoothly progressing than in many of the recent LD’s I have participated in. Makes me smile.

The progress so far:

  • Wrote the narrative, it’s going to be fantastic
  • Finished the map loading
  • Created one mob
  • Finished the collision between player and map, and mobs and map
  • Game states
  • Movement and Jumping are smooth and looking good!
  • There is an attack, but it’s not so smooth yet

Yet to finish before bed:

  • Create the levels
  • Create new mobs
  • Rework the attack
  • Create Death
  • Create player-to-mob and mob-to-player collision
  • Create level portals in & out
  • Create collectible drops from mobs

If I can accomplish all of that, tomorrow’s work will be the most fun of all!!

I am going to have dinner with my sweetheart soon. That’s going to help me feel a lot more motivated when I sit back to the computer to program. Best Ludum Dare yet! <3

(mandatory screenshot :P)

The floor is hot lava!

The floor is hot lava!

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4 Responses to “The Progess is Flowing Like A Stream”

  1. crezefire says:

    That’s some hardcore C++ going on in there. Good stuff mate.

  2. BackwardSpy says:

    Hey, another guy using C++/SFML. Awesome! 😀
    Looking good so far.

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