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August 24th, 2013 6:58 pm

Already have some nice mechanics in here. All I have to do is design levels and start with some other obstacles.

Then sound.

Then… realize I just made this in gm8 and not gms, therefore I can’t port. Jesus fucking christ am I stupid.





and then the actual game:




yeah, I know it’s a cliched idea. But at least I’m making something, dammit. I’ve been thinking about doing a stream later, but I don’t really think anyone would watch.


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  1. EggPlant <3 says:

    FYI, GM8.0 games port quite nicely into GM:S. I have ported several games over in the past, with only a few code changes needed. :)

    • Feysoura says:

      really? how do I GM:S? should I just export resources and test everything out?
      If I can do that, my life would suddenly be filled by roses, rainbow and happiness.

      • EggPlant <3 says:

        You can import the gmk/gm8 directly.

        > Go to New Project
        > Click the IMPORT tab
        > THere’s a drop down box on the right which shows *.gmz by default. Select the “*.gm6, *.gmk, *.gm8” option.
        > Find your .gm8 project, then specificy a new project name to import it into; then click Import.

        HUZZAH. The game should work 99% correctly. The only significant changes are the audio engine, the file handling, and a few script hacks which no longer work (but these will show up in the error checker).

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