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August 24th, 2013 11:55 am

Things went quite slowly today, but once I got the extension to my engine for playing with a browser running everything sped up.

I now have an intro, the begginning of a story, my main character and a style sheet and my code has reached 1391 lines including the base code in the engine.

As it’s a text adventure I see no point in posting a usual screenshot so I’ll post the intro.

The HAV Totally Innocent II held position 200 feet due south of a well armed British Navy frigate.
Owner of the Totally Innocent, Captain Insidious Black, struck a confident pose on the foredeck.
“Men of the British Navy, I have bested nine of your ships in combat. In a race with only one winner, to come second is to come last. In this tenth sortie you will again come second!
I fight for the freedom of those repressed by you colonial zeal, and for glory! Will you justly surrender?”
Actually, it’s the gold that’s most important, but I’m not telling you that!

While the Innocent carried two large artillery guns, an unusual choice for such a small vessel, it’s supply of ammunition was nearly spent.
Only the small pivoting gun on the foredeck could be fired.

Captain Black’s confidence wasn’t unjustified though. His many pockets held his major advantage over the navy. Mostly in tin cans.

[try the inventory command]

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