Midday Check In

Posted by (twitter: @@gameXcore)
August 24th, 2013 7:53 am

I think its about time I took a short break, I’ve been working on this for around 6 hours now, and would like to say I was halfway done, which if I was would give me the whole day tomorrow for polishing. As it happens, I think I took the idea of  “small and focused” and threw it out of the window. My plan… to create a whole collection of mini games which you play for 10 seconds at a time, before being thrown headlong into a different one, within each of these games I would randomize parameters each time, so that each mini game is never the same, with overall difficulty ramping up as you go. The overall goal to get through as many levels as you can before you lose a game.

Considering that each one of these mini games could probably be polished up on their own and be my entry, this is no small ask. As of 6 hours in, I have a load of game-base working, some graphics and half a game, so its going to be a long weekend and an under-polished submission, but there’s nothing like reaching high!

Anyway, here’s an action shot of my guy jumping over a pit, hes called Garry for now, but I’m thinking he might become “10 Second Tim”.


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