I am 30 hours in to Ludum Dare. The game is nearly complete. While it probably wont get the features that I really want to add, like saving, level preview, easier level editing, multiplatform, multiplayer, high score table, and the like, it has gotten to a very playable state. I will probably actually continue making this game even better, using the engine I have developed for Ludum Dare, after LD.

Nevertheless, since the last post:

  • I finished the menus
  • I finished all the art assets, sound effects, and music tracks
  • I added open level modding
  • I added spikes, moveable tiles, and more general tiles
  • I implemented the main mechanic. You start with 10 seconds to beat the game. You can however collect timers, these reset your 10 seconds. However you don’t want to just get timers, and go to the exit. If you do that, you will get a low score. You will want to go out of your way to get powerups, and score bonuses. You will have to balance what you go for carefully.
  • I added Melee, with right click
  • I added a non-interactive tutorial. I would add a full one, if I continue this game
  • I continued convergence with the Windows Phone and Xbox 360 version, including Virtual Thumbsticks
  • I basically finished the game

All I need to add now, are the levels, and then extras, such as high score, and ports.

Wish me luck!


Goals for end:

1. At least 3 levels

2. Port to at least: Windows Phone, Xbox 360,  PC, Web, Mac OSX, Linux

3. High Score and Extras



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You can follow my Ludum Dare blogs at www.kerinova.blogspot.com

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