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August 24th, 2013 7:08 am

I’ve been messing about coding this morning but I wasn’t totally sure I’d be finishing it and submitting it but I’ve made some decent progress so far.

Coding it in Java with LibGDX and Artemis. Using Paint.NET for graphics and might get some sound using bxfr or similar.

The idea: You are a fly that only has a 10 second life cycle. You have to breed with a female to produce offspring to carry on your bloodline. I’m not sure how to handle the first fly death. Two options, one where you keep switching to another fly in your bloodline and keep playing. The other idea is to make it so you have to try and breed enough in the first 10 seconds to get enough offspring to keep your bloodline going for as long as possible. I might just include both options and let the player choose.

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