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August 24th, 2013 2:11 am


Woke up to an semi-expected theme: 10 Seconds! Quite a bit better than the previous theme. I have some inspirations – not looking at the LD posts because I do not want to be spoiled with other peoples great ideas tho. 😛

My co-compo-er Jod came over with breakfast, and we set out to brainstorm on ideas. Some of my ideas:

  • 10 Second Strategy – Turn based game, but you have 10 seconds per move, the amount of things you need to do each 10 seconds increases
  • 10 Second Fight – Most fights are short & dirty –  a entire fight is 10 seconds, and you fight Slo-Mo vs one or more opponents, ragdoll-stylee – lots of death, with a 10 seconds ‘real time’ recap at the end of each round
  • 10 Second RPG – You start in the middle of a dark/unknown surrounding, you preprogram some moves for your guy, after which the guy executes them! You will die alot running into nasty things, but you are reset each round. The end goal is to get to the ‘exit’ within X moves (which are 10 seconds in ‘execute’ time)

#3 is probably going to be it, lots of ideas spinning off that one. One thing to consider though is art-style. I want something doable, and not too ugly! :) The setting of the RPG can influence that alot.

Some setting ideas:

  • Classic RPG, wizards, skeletons, zombies, etc – Good link with the player experience, art difficulty: medium
  • India Jones stylee – Fits the ‘escape the temple’ template perfectly, art difficulty: medium / hard
  • Hacker Electronics – You are a ‘hacker’ in a hostile computer network. More unique / distinct, but not as relatable perhaps, and harder to conceptualize, easier to make my own – art difficulty: easy / medium

I am tempted to do the last, even though it is more work – it has the potential to be better / prettier, given my (not so advanced) graphical skillz.



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