Dream Team’s first screenshot

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August 24th, 2013 8:11 pm


Things are coming along very nicely, and the team is working well together. We aren’t ready to announce how we’re approaching the theme of ’10 Seconds’, but we are ready to show off a quick teaser image from the game. The first few hours of the Jam were spent discussing ideas, drawing concepts, and drafting documents that outline the game mechanics. Scheduling and communication is key when working with a team, especially when you’ve never worked together before and your team members are not in the same room (or continent!).

The game is playable and art is being delivered at a steady pace. The music is starting to take shape, and the core mechanics are being implemented. Everything seems to be on schedule. We just have to keep track of our minimum requirements and avoid hitting those tier 2 and 3 stretch goals. We can’t let this thing get too carried away, as much as we may want to.

Lead Programmer / Assistant Artist

Lead Artist / Animator / Assistant Programmer

Sound Designer / Assistant Artist / Animator

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6 Responses to “Dream Team’s first screenshot”

  1. dalbinblue says:

    Looks fantastic so far! I have been waiting impatiently all day for an update on what you guys (gals?) were up to.

  2. DreamTeam says:

    Thanks! … and there’s MUCH more to come.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with as well!

  3. 7Soul says:

    Arne is making the art, gg

  4. Ditto says:

    todo for tomorrow, sonny sees dots on the screen and I will try to remove them. goodnight!

  5. DreamTeam says:

    Pre-order the game now to receive the exclusive DOT REMOVAL DLC!!!

  6. jplur says:

    Scroll scroll scroll scroll wait that looks like Arne! Can’t wait to see this!

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