Day one done

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August 24th, 2013 6:08 pm

Starting to crash here at the end of day one. Well beyond where I thought we’d be by now, so pretty happy with that!

LD27 2013-08-25 01-48-21-01

It’s a cross between Bomberman, Smash TV, and Binding of Isaac – with a heavy influence from the film Cube. Yeah, we don’t know either. Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow!

G’night folks!

Edit: more screens here!

2 Responses to “Day one done”

  1. Zephyr89 says:

    Is that a voxel engine. Or is it a clever boolean trick?

  2. GarethIW says:

    Aye, a c#/xna/monogame voxel engine I’ve been putting together over the last few weeks. Only just in a usable state for the jam!

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