Beginnings of an idea

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August 24th, 2013 4:17 am

10 seconds is more of a restriction than a theme. It sucks, mainly because I guarantee most of the games will be any existing game concept with a timer added in. But, as someone in a previous blog post said, “there are no bad themes, only bad brains”, so I have finally come up with a good idea. This post is as much for my benefit as anybody else’s so I can fully flesh out this idea.

-You are a dungeon-master type player, who controls the enemies’ spawning locations and various positions of other obstacles or powerups on the map.
-An AI will attempt to complete an obstacle/dungeon area by walking in a straight line to the exit at a certain movement speed rate.
-You need to place the enemies/obstacles/powerups in such a way that the AI will take exactly 10 seconds to reach the exit.
-For example, you could place objects in such a way that the AI takes 4 seconds to walk 2 tiles, hits a wall for 2 seconds, stops to kill an enemy for 2 seconds, then walk onto a powerup which boosts movement speed so he walks the remaining 4 tiles in the remaining 2 seconds.

It seems like it could be a bit ambitious, but I’m hoping that I can get the code done today so I can focus on level design and the impossible task of making graphics.

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