An idea? (And some progress)

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August 24th, 2013 2:16 am

So, I’d been thinking about many of the other themes and had a few ideas for several of them. This was not one. I know that many people wanted it– obviously– but to me this isn’t really a [b]theme[/b] it’s a mechanic. But enough about that. One of the ideas that I did have– For Evil vs. Evil– was going to have something of a ten second mechanic in it anyway so I decided to go with that. So, here’s the idea!


Aliens vs. Zombies

You are either the Aliens or the Zombies attempting to harvest the human race. Every ten seconds of game play you’re able to provide your side with a set of instructions that will, hopefully, allow them to collect enough humans to win a given game.

As the Aliens you are Research Assistants for a Professor of Human Studies on your planet and you’ve been tasked with collecting as many human specimens as you can before the Zombie outbreak kills them off. Your UFO has the ability to instantly move between points, fry zombies or abduct humans. Being a group of RAs means that you’re pretty lazy, and without your Professor yelling at you, you’ve got no initiative and so after completing a single task you spend the rest of the time slacking off.

As the Zombies you’re just a mindless horde of Zombies. The only control you has is that for every <number> of Zombies you have in your Horde you can set swarming locations that your Zombies will attempt to move towards (Always towards the closest). Since they’re somewhat stupid, they’ll also chase after any human they see, then upon losing sight of them, will return to moving towards the nearest spawn point.


Progress: Little! Beyond deciding on the game play style and some things. Initially had the game based on position Vectors with circular collisions for map Entities (Zombies/Humans) and rectangles for buildings. Decided that this would badly limit some map designs since it’d prevent ‘mazes’ without having hundreds of rectangles for the walls. Instead, I decided to go with a discrete grid map, using a simple Bresenham’s to check LOS for Entities. For maps I’m just going to use a two png style, one that stores map data and one that stores the actual map. If I have time, I might have the maps destructible by the Aliens.

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