24 Hour Mark!

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August 24th, 2013 5:03 pm

So this has probably been my best ludum dare this far. I’ve made a ton of progress the first 5 hours I made the editor and then I went to sleep. I woke up the next morning spent about 2 hours fixing up the editor a little bit more with sounds. 😉 Then I started working on the actual game part. I’ve gotten it to the point where the ship points to the mouse, you can move the ship and the ship shoots. I haven’t implemented the power system. But extra rockets are implemented. I also started working on the enemies however thier AI so far is pretty bad, they kind of just blunder about into stuff at high speeds shooting in your general direction, but I guess it works for now.


So here is the low down of what my game is:

Earth is under attack by an alien race, so you and your crack team of engineers have been told to build a space ship to defend earth. But your deadline is only ten seconds from now! So you open up some crates and slap together a ship as best you can.

There are 8 unique parts that you can build your ship with Lazers, Cannons, Missile Pods, Batteries, Shields, Cockpits, Hulls. Each part does something different for your ships stats. Cannons and Missiles Pods will shoot continuously, Missile Pods shot slower bullets, but three of them at a time where as cannon bullets are pretty fast but only one is shot. Lazers can be shot by clicking and they shoot very rapidly, however they consume energy. Batteries give your ship more energy however energy is finite. Shields will stop your ship from taking damage however they consume energy as well. The more cockpits you have on your ship the faster your Cannons and Missile Pods shoot. Hull increases the durability of your ship.

And finally the goal of the game is to get the most score by destroying as many alien ships before you die, or run out of energy!

Here are some picks:




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