I’d never even opened Construct 2. before the start of this Ludum Dare, but it’s helped me make some really good progress, and I even had a normal night of sleep!


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Next up, I want to make the dragons come out of a portal (instead of just a rectangle that moves around) and I’m going to turn the end-goal into a legitimate tesseract instead of a 2D square.

The game is a standard tower-defense w/a mostly-fantasy theme…  but 10 seconds come into play a lot.  There is a progress bar under the Tesseract (the point you defend) and every 10 seconds it fills up and grants you more crystals (you’re seeing a fading popup notification of the crystals in this shot).  At the same time, there is a yellow progress-bar under the “10” which fills up at the same speed.  It isn’t in the screenshot since I took the screenshot right at the end of the interval – so that you could see the crystals!

I streamed for a little bit, early last night on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/bluelinegames
But now, I’m doing most of my updates on twitter: http://twitter.com/bluelinegames

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