We Be Jammin

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August 23rd, 2013 3:49 pm

We’re in!

We're in!

* Hitchh1k3r and Naali are our Javamancers.
As seen above, they are literally Computer Wizards.
* Tlyn is our dedicated writer and creative mastermind.
I’m not sure if she’ll be writing with that pencil, but it’s possible.
* Solifuge (thats me) will be doing art and game mechanics stuff.
And also apparently writing blogs! I am now part of the Blogosphere.

* Willfor (not featured above) will also be guest starring with us.
And he’s bringing some sweet tunes with him!

This will be our 2nd Ludum Dare Game Jam. Our first project can be found here:
Small Tale

Small Tale

We’ll be using Java again, and as with last time, we’ll be putting together our own engine from scratch. As a warm up, we did a little practice game last weekend; a very silly hybrid of the Japanese boardgame Go! and the Lights Out handheld puzzle game, involving Whales and Snails in space. We might make a public release once the Jam is over… I rather like it!

Snails Vs Whales

We’ve run into a few hiccups over the last few days, including general busy-ness, and our lead programmer having oral surgery, and being ever-so-slightly medicated right now, but we’re feeling pretty good about it. At least I am. And I’m writing our team’s blog posts, so the rest of them are going to have to go along with it!

Also, we’re going to be livestreaming our Programming Team and Creative Team on two separate TwitchTV channels, if folks would like to drop by and watch our development team in action. Until them, I’mma play some games, and get myself psyched up!

Livestream Link: http://www.twitch.tv/solifuge/

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