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August 23rd, 2013 11:47 am

Ludum Dare 27 starts in 6 hours, so I’ve decided to do some preparations. I cleaned up my work area and get ready for some game development, but more importantly, this obligatory workspace post.

Custard Games Workshop

This is where the magic happens. Out of all that expensive hardware, I value my keyboard the highest. I absolutely love having a mechanical keyboard, the sound, the touch, everything!

It’s been a few months since my last game, which was LD26 ASTEROIDS! (the side-scroller).¬†I’ve learnt a lot from that experience, and I hope to improve using that knowledge. 48 hours is not a lot of time, and I want to have as much of it as possible developing the game. I live in Singapore, so the competition ends for me on Monday morning 9 am. I decided to take the day off from work so that I can be developing to the last minute, and also cleared any plans for the weekend.

From the last Ludum Dare, I learnt that mental stamina is absolutely vital. I cannot sustain developing for 48 hours straight, and I need to look after myself to keep my brain juices flowing efficiently. This means getting a decent amount of sleep, not overdoing on the caffeinated beverages, not just eating a shit load junk food, as well as getting some exercise to keep blood flowing. Hopefully the weather will be sunny, so I can spend time by my pool thinking and getting some sun.

Looking back at my last entry, I realised that if I want to score higher on theme, I should interpret the theme more literally to get the votes. Different people have different opinions on the interpretations, but it would be safer to follow the general consensus on the matter.¬†Currently, the most likely theme seems to be “10 seconds”, but people are often surprised at what theme actually gets picked in the end. If it were picked, I think most people would go with a variety of mini games lasting 10 seconds each along the lines of McPixel and those kinds of games. I personally have no idea what kind of game I would make if that theme comes up, but that is half the fun!

I hope to do a lot better this time. My goal is to get the coding done quickly so I can focus more on adding some content and polish to the game. I will hopefully do a timelapse style video showing the progress, but if I don’t manage, I will definitely be documenting the development on my website (

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