Going to bed. Around 3 hours of coding and 2 hours of doodling some graphics. I have a solid idea in mind and it has potential for a high replay value.

What’s done so far:

* Camera with easing and stuff (Almost, adding rumbling tomorrow then it’s done)
* Downward collision detection
* A nice idea for the game
* A basic tile engine
* Some very nice looking tile

Game looks like this at the moment

You might want to open the image in a new tab to see the full glory of my rock/dirt tiles which I am really proud of.

Tomorrow: The game core mechanics
On sunday: Finishing up and prettying the graphics, ADDING JUICE TO THE GAME

Easing library for those using Monogame/XNA and C#

I would like to remind you all there there is my easing library available for everyone which you can get at this link

It is based on the formulas by Robert Penner on this page

Good night/day !

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