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August 23rd, 2013 7:59 pm

I think I figured out this business!

I think I figured out how to set up a webcam.  I think I set it up correctly such that it shows in the sidebar on the left (I’m not sure, because I keep having to hit “More” to find out, and I’m sure we’re at the very bottom) (but I did say we are playing “Ludum Dare”!).  If you want to watch the excitingness of the Oakland location, point your browser!

Meanwhile!  At the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, at the same time we are trying to focus and come up with good ideas in ten seconds, and trying to form teams for the Jam and being snotty and saying “No! I only do the compo!”, there is a regular event that the MADE hosts called “Fight Night”, in which everyone comes and plays fighting games!  So, if you go to our feed, you will find us focusing in a noisy environment!  But!  If you want to watch their feed (I don’t think they’ve started it yet, though), point your thingus at:

So far, no Ludum Dare’rs have given up and gone to play Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition 2012 yet, and no Fight Nighter has given up and tried to program a a fighting game for Ludum Dare yet, but I am really hoping!

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