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August 23rd, 2013 7:12 pm



Well, it’s been one hour. Here’s what I have so far. Mostly spriting. How’s your submission coming along?



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  1. tigerj says:

    I have a concept and am setting up files!

  2. Linear says:


    I’m working on getting AI nav points fleshed out so it’ll auto-recompute my AI graph whenever I add a new node. So nothing shiny to show =(

  3. Gravity Games says:

    Wow, its hard to believe its already been an hour and I only have my concept done. Well, good luck to you Falconstar! Are you making a TBS game by any chance(that’s what it looks like to me judging from the screenshot…)?

  4. suve says:

    Still thinking about the gameplay concept. You’re one fast-progressing gentleman.

  5. Falconstar says:

    @Gravity Games: Not really sure what TBS means, but I’m thinking it will be a turn-based sort of battle game. :)

    @suve: I kinda have to be for this compo. I don’t have as much time as I would like to make this work. xD

  6. LionelJitro says:

    I hate you, still don’t have an idea I want to make.

    I don’t really hate you, thats awesome that youve got that much.

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