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August 23rd, 2013 8:06 pm

Work is well under way for “Suddenly, Ninjas” and I wanted to share a little more about what I’ve done so far.

Here is the transcript of my discussion with my stream about how to use the 10 seconds theme, with non-rejected ideas in bold:

10 seconds per round?

10 seconds (lat/long)?

10 second long game?

“10 seconds” name of place/event?

10 seconds of music repeating

10 seconds again and again

Something happens every 10 seconds?

  • Vehicle/Running speed up
    • Simple
    • Endless gameplay
    • Definite end, high score mechanic
  • Ninja/Dinosaur/Alien attack!
    • Funny
    • Twitch
    • Engaging
  • World’s slowest rhythm game
    • Unique (in a bad way)
    • Emergency game
  • Change perspective/character – win while you’re in their perspective
    • Unique (in a good way)
    • Easy to game or unfair
    • Adventure game/maze w/ several AI “players” you alternately control
    • Low fun
  • Take damage
    • Urgent
    • Race/maze/platformer
  • Find cover/avoid something that lasts 10 seconds/every 10 seconds
    • Antifun
    • Intense
    • Storytelling in downtime while covering
    • Possibly do something every 10 seconds
  • Turn ends after 10 seconds
    • Puzzle game
    • TBS
    • Antifun – mistakes, just missed it

10 second places?

Racing game where the goal is to get 2nd 10 times, undesirable powerups

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