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August 23rd, 2013 10:14 pm


Whoop, whoop! Over four hours in and it’s a few minutes away from midnight. I have yet to name this project but its going better than expected so far. As you can see my cutting edge, camera phone has shine that the only sprite is in progress! Now to just get it looking good, scanned and colored. If I have time(which I highly doubt) I’ll think about adding a sprite for not-so-vaguely-female-anymore narrator, too.

What’s going well//
– Cranked out two chapters including the little mini-prolouge
– Started work on Micah’s sprite
– Incorporated the theme “10 Seconds”
– Planned out the entire game and listed proto. choices for now

What’s not going so well//
– Staying up
– Cohesiveness and not-so-completely-random-intergration of the plot
– Staying up
– Finding screens to type on bigger that 3-inches
– Staying up
– Editing and keeping my spelling somewhat in line with the English language
– Staying up

Well, off to write some more! I want to get atleast five chapters done by tomorrow and than start work on the BGs and spirte. That and get this muddled fiasco into a working, somewhat plausible, storyline.

Bun out!

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