Ah, the first of my bi-hourly posts. There isn’t a point in adding a picture here, as I haven’t really gotten anything done yet.


I love lists, and so, here is the list of what I got done:

  • Came up with the idea for the game, as well as genre, and art style.
    • The game will be a Platformer (Yes, a Platformer, but in my defense, it is my first LD48), in which you have 10 seconds to beat the game. There are power-ups in game that add seconds to your time limit however. But, there are also explorable areas, that give you rewards if you explore. You will have to balance gaining more time, with getting the highest score, or best gear.
    • The game’s name is currently Direct Interval.
  • Started the project- Set up the icons and logos, ect
  • Imported my public open source Collision, Tile, and GameState engine
  • Added the base animation code
  • Optimized my workplace
  • Began work on the Player

Before the next post, my goals are:

  1. Don’t get tired.
  2. Add player and level code, to make something playable.

You can follow my live stream at www.twitch.tv/coXine, and my live tweets at www.twitter.com/Kerinova_Xeon

You can follow my Ludum Dare blogs at www.kerinova.blogspot.com

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