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August 23rd, 2013 5:46 pm

We’re in for the game jam, but we’re going to try to keep it in 48 hours. We’ve been experimenting a lot lately. Usually, we compete using my home-grown C++ game engine, but last time we went with Unity. This time we’re going to be using HTML5, JavaScript, and three.js! It’s going to be a really fun roller coaster because I don’t know JavaScript! Even better, we have a new addition to the team: my little brother. He’s very new to programming and only knows C++, so he’ll also have to learn JavaScript. One final thing, I’ve always been the only programmer, so having my little brother helping with the code will be a new experience. Really looking forward to this! Also scrambling to learn JS in the last 20 minutes before the competition…

The Team:

– Me (Programmer/IT Support)
– Lucas (aka HOOPLAH/Little bro/Programmer)
– Nainoa (Roommate/All things art man)
– David (Texture guy)
– David’s roommate  (Modelling/Drawing/Animating plz?)

The entire team will be involved in voice acting.

The Tools:

– Chrome + HTML5 + JavaScript + asjldfjalsdfkjlaswebdevstuffs
– Notepad++
– Maya
– Photoshop
– Gimp
– Sound Recorder

PS – As usual, the Ludum Dare has been scheduled at the most inconvenient time possible – the weekend before our next semester starts.


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