In again for the jam

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August 23rd, 2013 1:20 pm

Team Rat King will try to participate in this honorable event once again!

As I (ratking) seem to have forgotten everything about any other tool (like Flash, Haxe, or Visual Studio), I will use Unity as game engine with the language C# for scripting. My own base code, which consists of some helper classes (partly stuff written myself, partly stuff copied from the Unify wiki or other places, plus iTween, plus some useful shaders) and a very simple rigidbody-based character controller, will hopefully make the development faster so I can concentrate on the actual gameplay. I might include cInput 2.

My partner, ratqueen, will probably do the graphics, with Photoshop and 3dsmax.

If there will be any sound, we will use Audacity, sfxr and/or whatever generates some interesting notes.

Good luck and much fun to all entrants!


4 Responses to “In again for the jam”

  1. rxi says:

    Looking forward to your entry! Be sure to do a linux export if that’s possible (I’m unfamiliar with unity, and whether it allows you to export to platforms you aren’t using) as linux users apparently aren’t loved enough to have a unity web player made for them :(

    Good luck!

  2. Aron says:

    Nice to see a team from around the corner taking part. Unfortunately I don’t have time to participate myself this weekend.

    Good Luck (from Leipzig 😉 )

  3. sorceress says:

    Good luck to the game dev rats :)

  4. ratking says:

    @rxi: Yeah, I can export to Mac and Linux from Windows – and I will surely do that.

    @Aron: Thanks! There will be plenty opportunities to jam, so don’t be sad. Greetings from Halle! 😉

    @sorceress: Thank you – the same to you of course. :)

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