I’m In – With Difficulty :)

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August 23rd, 2013 11:49 am

Hi all!

After missing LD26 due to family commitments, I’m back in for LD27.  Looking forward to it!

I’m using another new technology this time: Emscripten, to compile C++ code using SDL (and ideally OpenGL) into JavaScript code playable in a web page.  The guys have done a remarkably good job on that; I’ve just been trying it out recently, and it’s really cool.  I’m in the middle of a bit of indecision about exactly which libraries to use, as I’ve been playing with SDL, and that’s really cool, but unfortunately not all of it is implemented in Emscripten yet – including some things I was going to depend on, such as setting colours and transparency levels for surface blitting.  I’m having a last-minute look into using the WebGL subset of OpenGL ES 2 in it, in the hope that I can get everything going that I need – though the question arises whether it’s really worth using WebGL via Emscripten as opposed to just WebGL in JavaScript… hmmm (:

The little bit of my own library code I’ve been using, to make sure I can actually get something going in the time, is here.

Adding to this interesting situation is my current lack of Internet access from home.  Well, luckily there’s an Internet cafe nearby, but that may lead to me finishing early, as they’re not likely to be open when LD27 closes at 2am Sunday night, UK time… I have some ideas about uploading at the last minute via my mobile phone, but we’ll see.

Target Platform: Web
Language: C++ / Emscripten / JavaScript / HTML5 / WebGL (wheeee)
Development Environment: QtCreator on Linux (Kubuntu 13.04)
Graphics: GIMP
Sound: SFXR + Autotracker

Good luck to all, and may your bugs be few and uncomplicated!

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  1. GreaseMonkey says:

    See if this thing works for you (I suggest you look at app_play – note, it does mean that you’ll only be able to get music in Firefox unless you open up an alternate route, but it DOES mean that you can play the .it files directly without having to put up with the embarrassment that is MikMod): https://github.com/iamgreaser/sackit/

    For OpenGL stuff, you’re basically required to use glDrawArrays – you can’t really do immediate mode, at least last time I checked (the wrapper sucks).

  2. schnerble says:

    Thanks! I’ll check that out if I have any trouble. In my early tests, SDL’s mixer module worked fine for me; I’d been using an OGG as in previous entries, and that seemed fine on both Firefox and Chromium (on Linux). I think it said it supports ITs directly too, which would be nice to save space… will see.

    I managed to get GL sprite rendering going, which I was pleased with – not a lot of game yet, though…

    Cheers as always for Autotracker! It’s very nice work (:

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