I’m in!

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August 23rd, 2013 1:03 pm

I won’t have the whole weekend this time around due to real-life stuff, in fact I’ll only have Friday afternoon, most of saturday and tiny fragments of sunday, but we’ll see. I’ll have to keep it simple and minimize art and such because I’m terrible at it.


Tools I’ll be using:

  • C/SDL- Moving down to C because C is the 2nd most incredible language I’ve ever come across (nothing will take Python’s throne away, though). SDL: Tried and true.
  • Pelle’s C- It was a pain getting it set up with SDL, but once I did, it was very much well worth it! Pelle’s C is definitely the single greatest IDE I have ever come across. It’s impossibly simple yet at the same time impossibly powerful- coding is a breeze and the UI is really innovative.
  • Sunvox- Very confusing at first but a little while ago I came to finally master it, and it’s proven to be an incredibly versatile synthesizing tool. Probably not recommended to try and learn it in the remaining hours until theme announcement, but if you ever get the chance I recommend it.
  • GraphicsGale- I think I’d like to move on sometime in the future but as of yet I’ve never really found anything to top this. ASEprite is good, if very buggy and crashprone, and all the other options are either behind a paywall, made for Mac (eww), or just aren’t good.


Hopefully I can do this, not really known for coming up with simple ideas but I’ll try and make that more of a focus than the theme itself this time, we’ll see where that goes.

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