HOLD IT! We are in!

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August 23rd, 2013 10:02 pm


(Please feel free to listen to this while you read this post )

A bit of a late announcement but ConflictiveLabs is back for this LD (At least 2 of its founding members. ilovepixel will be apparently busy this time around so only elmismopancho and myself (Shadow) will be stepping into the arena this round). A friend of us, David, will be helping with the art and stuff. He already contributed a bit to our last entry (KillVille) with a rad intro screen so he is no stranger to the Jam.

As for our tools we will be using Monkey (as in our previous entries) for the codezzz and probably Photoshop for the glitter and sparkles.



So 10 seconds eh?

1 hour after the theme was announced we met online to quickly discuss the theme. We settled with a simple but fun idea: A bullet-hell-kinda-game where you have exactly 10 seconds to kill everything… BUT, -you may be asking yourself-  is that even possible? I mean, in most bullet-hell games you don’t even get to the first wave of enemies in the first 10 seconds, right?

Well, you -as a player- are actually so incredibly AWESOME that you CAN kill everyone in 10 seconds! Mostly because those 10 seconds will actually happen in slow motion for you, so you’ll have a chance to see the world around you in a stunningly awe-inspiring  TheMatrix-like way while you kill the bad guys in a MichaelBay-esque (or Tarantino-ish if you prefer) fashion… so what you see as  “normal actions” performed at “normal speed” will actually be radical and deadly acrobatics done in a split of a second. Once you’ve finished the level you’ll be able to see a replay in “real time” showing how you owned everyone in 10 seconds or less.

We still have things to discuss. For instance how to keep the game interesting?  To achieve that we can give the player full control of the way time flows, allowing him/her to slow-down or speed-up the game at will…. OR we can just make a bunch of levels,  increasing the difficulty and number of enemies in each…. OR we can make the “slow motion” effect be less and less powerful each iteration, accelerating the action every round (it could be an interesting experiment to see if given the proper “training” (decreasing the slow-mo effect smoothly) a player can actually kill everything in 10 seconds without any kind of time-bending aid).

Well, we don’t know yet, we will probably talk about that tomorrow. I’m mostly talking to myself at this point.


We would love to know what you think of the idea though. What do you think it would be a good way of keeping the game interesting? Feedback is always welcome!

We also wish the best of luck to EVERY other participant.

LD is an awesome experience. Be sure to have FUN! That’s what LD is all about!

See ya!



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  1. Hazel-Bun says:

    This sounds pretty awesome I’m not going to lie! Hope you can pull this off with all my heart ^^

  2. ConflictiveLabs says:

    Would love to hear your game idea as well.

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