Freshly bottled kombucha for LD27!

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August 23rd, 2013 3:09 pm

Oooh! My latest batch of kombucha is ready just in time for LD# 27!

What? What is that?!


Imagine cold and carbonated sweetened black tea with a bite like apple cider. It is a probiotic drink where the bacteria breaks down sugar as food to multiply, while producing natural carbonation and a tiny bit of alcohol. I strain it by the gallon, filling plastic bottles. Typically I use a little fruit juice in each one, sealed overnight at room temperature, so it will be extra fizzy.

kombucha2 kombucha1

Why? Well, for starters it’s absolutely delicious and very healthy. For a game jam it gives me long lasting energy, rather than a temporary jolt like coffee.


3 Responses to “Freshly bottled kombucha for LD27!”

  1. fruitfly says:

    i love apple cider!
    Can you recommend a good recipe or some step-by-step guide?


  2. EpaceGames says:

    Sure! I bought the starter “mushroom” from this seller:

    Apparently the “+TEA” just means liquid starter tea, not actual tea bags for the first batch. It comes with instructions, but I’d recommend using little to no vinegar because it makes it taste terrible.

    I let my batches sit in a gallon size jars for 1-2 weeks depending how sweet or strong I want it.

  3. ericdpitts says:

    That sounds delicious and I am jealous.

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