Can’t wait to get started!

Posted by (twitter: @BrainSlugs83)
August 23rd, 2013 11:26 am

My #LD27 Final Round Votes!Hello again, everyone!

I’m Mikey (aka BrainSlugs83), and this is my second Ludum Dare, I’ve done some other compos before, like Speedhack (but that was years ago).  Last time around (at #LD26), I didn’t actually finish an entry, it was kind of a last minute decision to join, and I did a weird experimental project with Signal R and ASP.NET MVC (I’d previously used neither technology. >.<), so debugging the weird Signal R messaging loop stuff ended up taking up most of my time.  (I work in biz-dev land, so, I’m a bit out of practice with gamedev anyway.)

So this time around I’ve decided to go with something much simpler, just a plain-jane C#/XNA game.  And I spent my after-hours during the last week spinning Visual Studio 2012, C# and XNA — just getting my bearings and such — I built a small primitive rendering library and a WiX installer that seems to work (comment if you’re interested, and I can put the sources up somewhere).  It also seems to work with Mono-game as well, so my game may even port to Linux or Mac when I’m done, woot to that. 😀

Anyway, I’ll be doing the Jam again, as I prefer to work in a Team, and life will try to get in the way, I know it, so 72 hours is more better than 48 hours… but otherwise I’ll be following most of the rules, and trying my best to adhere to the chosen theme (unless the theme is really balls, then I might not, but for now, I’m just going to go ahead and plan to stick with it).

As for graphics, in the past for these kinds of things, I usually just used Paint Brush, and IrfanView — might mix in some Paint.NET — my trusty Ludum Dare partner, Bonita, will probably mix in some Gimp, and who knows what…  We might also do some net scouring for sprite sheets, or maybe even just throw some polygons together, who knows?

For sound, I’ve always either scoured the net for free to use stuff, or played with my microphone and processing effects (usually in Wave Editor or Audacity) — Music has almost always been an afterthought — I have some musical friends, but the timing never works out, it seems like it would take a bit of coordination, you know? — Usually — IF what I build for these types of compos even has music — I’ll end up scouring for free midi files somewhere.

So yeah, definitely the Jam, as scouring the net for reusable/free resources is kind of a no-no for the 48 hour competition.  Still though, very excited about this, and hoping to get a good / working game out this time around. 😀


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  1. lectvs says:

    Good luck, mate!

    This is my 5th LD, but I’m going for a bit of a different approach to my game. You’ll see 😉
    I did my first LD with a friend (we got 7th in Fun :D) but afterwards I keep wanting to do it solo.

    For sound, SFXR/BFXR are great sound-generating tools that are legal in the compo. I use them for everything, even my non-LD games. I usually spend only an hour or two on sound and music, and make sure to include a mute button since the music is crappy.

    Paint.NET is my graphics editor of choice, and I’ve never been able to use any other editor.

    Best of luck to you! Get out there and make something awesome!

  2. BrainSlugs83 says:

    Thanks, yo’! 😀

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