A message of peace

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August 23rd, 2013 4:40 pm


This evening, on my way home from work, my muffler and car decided they were through with each other and should separate.  The muffler stayed mostly silent through the ordeal, but my car threw an absolute fit – screaming and yelling for the rest of our trip home.  The turmoil was unbearable, and it was embarrassing to see their argument become so public while I could only sit and watch.

With what I experienced tonight, I believe conflict is in very poor taste, and I wished to spread a message of reconciliation to the Ludum community.  For people of all towers (whether offence, defense, or potato), can we set aside out petty differences for one weekend and instead focusing on something greater?  Something lasting?  Something that builds up instead of tears down?  I propose we focus on reuniting cars with their beloved mufflers.


Now that that’s out of the way, I have no intention of letting car troubles prevent my first Ludum Dare from being a success.  Good luck to all.

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  1. josefnpat says:

    Does that run javascript?

  2. nintendoeats says:

    My last car’s muffler fell off as I was bringing it in to be exchanged. I want that car back. p_p

  3. But will it blend in 10 seconds?

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