Welcome to Ludum Dare 27!

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August 22nd, 2013 8:18 am

Hello and welcome to the 27th weekend game making extravaganza known as Ludum Dare!

Final Round Theme Voting has begun. This is the one that counts! The highest rated themes from Rounds 1-4 have been collected here to battle for theme voting supremacy. Which will you choose?


Without further ado, lets move on to the videos!


Keynoting Ludum Dare 27 is David S. Gallant, better known for his controversial Indie game “I Get This Call Every Day“. Check it out!

But Wait, there’s more!

Hey you know that Dezzles guy who keeps making all those PSA Videos? Apparently we can’t stop him from making videos. So here’s his latest, a ‘Shadow Keynote’.

That’s all from me. Good luck this weekend!


34 Responses to “Welcome to Ludum Dare 27!”

  1. sorceress says:

    Yayyyyyyy keynote \o/

  2. PaulSB says:

    Nice! But I still say “Dare” as rhymes with “stare” or “rare”… I don’t know if I can ever change :(

  3. Katamori says:

    But when it starts actually? Theline above the counter writes August 23rd-26th, but counter goes to the 24th.

  4. ClassyGoat says:

    Dangit…. now I pretty much HAVE to make a game about potato cats that meow when you hit the space bar…. >_<

  5. J.Barrows says:

    I like that he points out the problem of having too few or too many ideas, and then moves on to something else without addressing any solutions.
    Get the Whiteboard! No?
    Get the cork board and index cards! No?
    Get sticky notes and put them all over your workspace! Heck yes!

  6. mactinite says:

    Anyone else really want the strange power ups theme to win? I can already think of so many ideas for that!

    • HeroesGrave says:

      IT. IS. NOT. A. THEME.

      It’s a freaking mechanic

      • DaVince says:

        That’s fine, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s something that can inspire us.

      • wccrawford says:

        Depends on how you interpret it. Yes, many people would have made a platformer with weird items that give you new powers.

        In my brainstorming, though, I came up with this:

        You’ve got 4 computers. 1 of them is POSTing badly. Identify the computer with the strange powerup. I was going to have several rounds, where something odd appears on the screen, the beeps are different, etc etc. Some were going to be more obvious than others.

        So it can be a mechanic or a theme, just like a lot of the proposed and path themes.

    • jprogman says:

      It’s not a bad thing to pre-plan before the announcement.

  7. Dietrich Epp says:

    Soundtrack: Chrono Trigger “Another Fair” OC Remix by Dhsu

  8. TimKaidem says:

    Did he find his SIN?

  9. HeroesGrave says:

    Please LD community, be creative and sensible with your choice of theme.

    If you stuff this one up, I’m just going to take the second theme or whatever.

    • Calahagus says:

      I’m crossing my fingers it isn’t 10 seconds. Maybe that’s just my personal preference, but I don’t see a lot of variety it can offer unless you’ve got a crazy wild idea. So many time-based games have already been made, I think it’s been explored already.

    • Osgeld says:

      my first LD, the crowd was excited we hit over 100 entries

      now there are many times more, and from what I have observed … the more people involved the more abstract the “theme” (which is rarely a theme anymore) gets.

      generic is better

      mechanics or phrases is not a theme

      if you have an unscratchable itch to make a game based on some random unthoughtful idea, do it and leave us out of it

      10 seconds sucks

  10. ezolotko says:

    If 10 seconds wins there will be a lot of games like this: its story will start with “many years ago, all the humanity has destroyed in just 10 seconds”. And then you will get your usual platformer.

  11. Flickta says:

    There was a 10 seconds theme before in an experimental gameplay project in 2010. Hopefully something else will get to the top here.

  12. Ariake81 says:

    yeeeaahhh best keynote yet, mighty fine work…..let the gamesnessess beegin!….well in about 5 hours. :)

  13. Seihi says:

    This will be my first Ludum Dare Excitement/panic .

    I’ll be using Unity3D engine for the game iself.

    Photoshop/Maya for assets

    Protools/Reason for most of my audio needs.

  14. Zephyr89 says:

    Does anyone here know if the unity standard assets are fair game?

    • wccrawford says:

      Kind of late to answer you, but the code should be fair game (because everyone has access to it), any art assets would not be (because of copyright and other issues).

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