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August 22nd, 2013 10:12 pm

I am most definitely in for a fourth run at the competition.  My last entry did very well, and I have set the personal bar quite high for this competition. The big thing I want to improve on this time is feedback, as in letting the user know how their actions affect the game world. There were too many off-screen changes in the last game and it cause quite a bit of confusion.

LD Warmup 2

Speaking of setting the bar too high and going overboard, I sort of went overboard with the warm up game this time.  I started making something simple, but was having too much fun and made a pretty sizable game over 16 hours.  It’s a pretty basic metriodvania style game, where you need to search for several artifacts to open the hidden treasure room.  Lots of exploration, I’d love to see if anyone can find all the treasure.  You can grab a copy of the warm up game at the warmup entry page.

In any case my tools haven’t changes too much in the last year:

Programming: Visual Studio, C# using XNA 4.0

Graphics: NES style using Paint.NET

Sound: SFXR, FamiTracker, Audacity

Map Editor: Tiled

Base Code: Get it with my latest warm up game here.  As before, I am distributing it with my warm up game so you can see some context with how to use the library. There is quite a bit of goodies in the library including a pretty powerful 2D camera, a great input and sound manager, and lots of graphic helpers. If you use XNA or Monogame, you might find some good code you can pull out for your own work.

Font: For any text display, I have been using a free font  from, specifically Proggy Square.  I have converted it to a spritefont (PNG) for use in XNA (both full size, and something that fits in 8×8 for NES style graphics).  The original font and converted formats can be downloaded Here.

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  1. SonnyBone says:

    WOOO!!!! Glad to see you back

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