Well, here we are again! All LDs I joined before were total failures 😀

Let’s sum up my former tries:

  • For Ludum Dare 24 (Tiny World) I made a 3D model of a hoover. I was trying to do something with it in Unity, but inevitably failed due to lack of time, skill and willpower.
  • For Ludum Dare 25 (You Are The Villain) I wanted to make something with my not-yet-gamedev friends from real life. One of them wrote a storyline about an illegal gun trader. In the end, I only made a glowing human model which I later used for my January #1GAM/#1GAMCRUNCH game.
  • For Ludum Dare 26 (Minimalism) I made my best LD entry yet (as of that moment). It was so silly so I don’t even wanna link it here. People found it trippy. 😀
  • For MiniLD 43 I teamed up with Tim and Finn and made Song of Sparks, the first game since DOSball (which was my very first game years ago) I was proud of. Actually, I didn’t do much coding and design, though it was me who put Finn into the music-drunk trance which led to creation of the game. Surely it will be a great commercial release soon, so I’m not linking. 😛

This Ludum Dare I wanna make something good. No need for it to be super cool or great, my goal is to reach an overall note higher than or equal 3.


  • It will be probably a 2D game, so I’m gonna use LOVE engine.
  • For LOVE engine, I will need a nice text editor. Kate or Nano, I didn’t decide yet.
  • For music, I’m gonna use my Yamaha PSR-E423. Yeah, I’m totally proud of remembering it’s model number.
  • For music to listen while I’m coding, Tomahawk. There’s no way I listen through something else. Feel free to add me through Jabber resolver, my ID is michis-tomahawk@jabbim.com

Don’t expect me to stream, I don’t have a stable internet connection. But surely you can find me on Twitter or AfterNET IRC server.

Good luck, my dear friends.

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2 Responses to “In for my 2nd or 5th Ludum, depending on way of counting.”

  1. Zanzlanz says:

    Good luck to you too. I may pop in to the IRC, but probably not.

  2. Puzzlem00n says:

    Good luck, Michi! You’ll do great.

    And the commercial release is still under debate.

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