Why can’t we choose the sub-theme?

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August 21st, 2013 11:07 am

Why would ANYONE want to limit themselves with tower defense? Why can’t we vote on our sub-theme as well? I’m not making a tower defense this LD, NO WAY. Oh, also, I’m in, so let me recycle the past LD “I’m in” post.

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5 Responses to “Why can’t we choose the sub-theme?”

  1. Codexus says:

    Relax. There is no “sub-theme”.

    It’s just made up by a few people for fun and sometimes some people follow it anyway just for kicks. You don’t have to use it and the vast majority of entries completely ignore that anyway.

  2. Spiridios says:

    The sub-theme never is and never has been official. It IS chosen by “us” because someone randomly makes a suggestion (usually several) and everyone else just goes “yeah, that sounds silly/fun/stupid” and boom, sub-theme is born. You can “vote” by not participating or by starting a different sub-theme movement. It’s all just part of Ludum Dare.

  3. If we were all allowed such power, do you know where that would lead!?
    I, for one, welcome our Tower Defense overlords.

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