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    We’re in!

    Posted by (twitter: @DrJarajski)
    August 21st, 2013 12:36 am

    Here’s for the presentations: I’m Kevin “Gaeel” Bradshaw, I’ve been making games by furiously throwing my face against keyboards for the past couple of years, and I’ll be participating with [REDACTED] “Mousseto” [REDACTED], who make pretty pictures for video games that are made by people who throw their face against keyboards.

    I “studied” theatre, optics and computer science and have several years experience in the fast-food industry throwing burgers at people.

    Mousseto is currently studying at SupInfoGame, where they learn how to make pretty pictures and the theory behind making a game not suck.

    I’m one of the founders of Baptême du Jeu, we organise jams.
    We’re running the event in Montpellier in the sunny south of France, if you’re in the area, join us, we have cookies. (Sign-ups close at midnight tomorrow, French time, so hurry hurry.)

    So yeah…

    I think I was going to write something else, but then I got distracted. Like… Wait, what?

    Erm… I’m going to ask Mousseto if she has any ideas about what to say next…

    Apparently not, but then, she’s busy reading Bakuman, which apparently is part of her job description. I’m going to use that as justification of the amount of time I spend on Super Hexagon during office hours…

    2 Responses to “We’re in!”

    1. ticlekiwi says:

      hey! I’m in!

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