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August 21st, 2013 3:30 pm

It’s compo time! This will be my third compo (four if you count a two-week mini-LD, which you probably don’t, you big meanie). I failed to complete my first LD comp and barely scraped together a working single level for my second LD compo. Right on. The mini-LD was alllllmost fully working, but still key things got dropped proving that I will always code up to the time allotted…

Editor: Sublime Text 2
Language: Haxe 3/OpenFL
Framework: HaxePunk, HaxePunk-AI, Ash-Haxe (ECS)
Visuals: Photoshop, FilterForge
Audio: Audacity, Bfxr, Renoise and some plugins
Version Control: Git … maybe
Base Code: GitHub (older) and zip (latest).

For base code, I’ll be borrowing as needed from my LD26 entry, which is on GitHub, or more likely I’ll be borrowing from this zip. That’s pieces of my fugly source code for reRocket — an attempt to flesh out my LD26 entry Mass Splitter into a fully playable game. I’m still working on it. Of course. The zip has most of the render/input/util frameworky entity-component-system stuff I’ll probably use and regret doing so.

I’m severely sleep deprived at the moment (thanks, insomnia! wooo! you rock!), which I hope to a’right by the time the weekend rolls around or my entry might wind up terribly silly.

Good luck everyone!

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