I just realized something…

Posted by (twitter: @DaVince21)
August 21st, 2013 2:54 pm

“Ludum Dare”… Do you pronounce that as “Let ’em dare”? Or am I completely off the mark here? 😛

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  1. MrBlade says:

    Where the fuck did you get T from mate? XD I pronounce it “Loo-dum darh-eh” which is the proper latin pronunciation, however, if you want to be ‘MURICAN you can pronounce it “Lue-dum dare” Best of luck.

    • DaVince says:

      I’m not American, or even English for that matter… But you know, certain assumptions are made when you join an English compo. It seems to make sense, even if I couldn’t make any sense of the title (until that “let ’em dare” came out).

      Really, really never would have thought it was Latin. So uncharacteristic… 😮

  2. epiplon says:

    It’s latin? All this time, I’ve spelled in english instead of my native language.

  3. DaVince says:

    Well… Looks like the joke failed. :( At least I got some knowledge out of it.

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