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August 21st, 2013 7:35 pm

Hey Ludum Darers!

I’ve been roaming in the wonderful world of OpenGL and I’m super close to making a really nice library that I’ll be able to use for the compo!

However, I am in need of some help. If anyone has experience with LWJGL/OpenGL and some free time, I’d really appreciate it.


I’ve been having problems using Vertex Buffer Objects. because the system throws an exception saying “Cannot use offsets when array buffer object is disabled” whenever I try to call glPointer operations. ¬†(See line ~845)

I’m clueless as to what this means, being that there is no GL Enum called ARRAY_BUFFER_OBJECT. Any help on what it might mean or what I’ve coded wrong would be nice.


Also, I’ve been having problems with FrameBuffer objects. They never seem to render to anything at all. The class is at line ~1355

I’m pretty sure it’s within the Three.GL.FrameBuffer class, but I can’t seem to find the problem.


Yes, the class is called “Three” until I can think of something better.

To use the library,  just copy the class file into your game, create a class that implements Three.GameObject, then call create(params), defineGameObject(GameObject), and start() to begin.

Three.GL houses all kinds of shortcuts for OpenGL, Three.AL does the same for OpenAL, and Three.Util is a little module I’ve created for containing anything that I might find useful.




Please tell me any solutions in the comments. I’ll post a final edit of the class file either when it’s fixed or the day of the competition.

Thank you and good luck!



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  1. kgb says:

    I have no idea really, I only did Opengl in school. But i remember a project I was working on where I needed to call glBindBuffer before i did something with VBOs, vague i know.. but I wish I could help more.

  2. TammiLion says:

    Have you checked stackoverflow/ stackexchange (you also have a gamedev variant) yet?

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