It’s a brand new year of Jams for me, so count me in!

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August 21st, 2013 8:14 pm

LD27 I'm inThis will be my fifth Ludum Dare (the start of my Year Two, if you will), and as usual, my tools of choice will be Flixel, Photoshop, and SFXR (and maybe SunVox if I have time for music; I usually don’t).

I’ve been spending the last month or so learning how to implement a raycaster engine in Flixel to experiment with 3D, and while I have no idea if I’ll actually make a game with 3D elements, I figure it can’t hurt to share what I’ve worked on in case I wind up having to rely on some portion of it in the jam. So, while it’s incomplete, and slapped together rather shabbily, here is the source code for my Warmup Entry for LD27. I apologize for the messiness, as I have not had the time to properly comment or refactor it. On the off chance I decide to implement some 3D effects in my Jam entry this weekend, I’ll probably use some portion of this code to do it, unless I feel like starting from scratch instead. Everyone else is, of course, free to learn from this as they wish, although I must give credit where credit is due for certain portions in particular:

I owe a lot to the various tutorials and sources that have helped me to understand the basics of rendering bitmapped triangles to the screen, as well as the fundamentals of raycasting¬†and even simple things like finding the intersection of two lines. Without these amazing resources, any progress I’ve been able to make with 3D rendering in AS3 would have been all but impossible to achieve.

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