Georgina Gorgeina addressing journalists at a press conference earlier today

As hostilities escalate between #LDTO and #LDTD forces, the United Nations today sent out a request for the people of the world to remain neutral in the hopes that the Ludum Dare can be stabilized.

“The most important thing right now is that everybody do their best to make a game” UN Assistant Secretary of Ludum Dare Affairs  Georgina Gorgeina said, “excessive support for either faction could lead to a global imbalance of mechanically similar games. This places undue strain on both developers not familiar with strategy games, and the reviewers who will have to slog through hundreds of similar games afterwards.”

Gorgeina went on to say that she supports refugees caught within the midst of the struggle. “Some people will have wanted to make a Tower Defense or Tower Offense game incidentally to the LD’s current climate. The UN will be providing full support to those developers in the form of awareness campaigns and aid packages consisting of used teddy bears.”

The UN has also started a website providing information to those on the verge of joining the struggle, in the hopes of keeping the number of new recruits down on both sides.

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  1. johnfn says:

    Awesome. Do I sense a humor gold medal coming on?

  2. Ha ha, I’m loving how this evolving.

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