Howdy, everybody~

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August 19th, 2013 3:20 pm

Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina! I kept telling myself that I’d do a Ludum Dare at some point, so here I am, ready for Challenge #27 this weekend!

My name’s Barry, and I’m a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science studying Computer Science Education. In addition to my research, I teach programming to pay the bills, and I’m currently developing a course to teach assembly programming – the catch is that this course teaches assembly for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I actually gave a workshop on this topic last week, and was terribly afraid that nobody would be interested in it, yet I had a pile of people attend not only the high-level intro, but the hard-core programming portion! This was super-validating, and now I can’t wait to teach my course! 😀

So for this Ludum Dare, whatever the theme may be, I will be developing an NES game in Assembly. I’ll be limiting myself to only 16 KB of PRG ROM and a single 512 x 256 pixel sprite sheet, so I’m expecting this to be a heck of a challenge. The idea is that by participating in this challenge, I’ll actually get some mastery making NES games before I try to teach students how to do it.

I’ll be tweeting my progress from @isharacomix, so if this piques your interest, I’ll be sharing demos and screenshots throughout the compo. :)

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  1. namrog84 says:

    I recently have been working on a ‘warm up’ type game. and was restricting myself to 3 colors(total) and very limited other aspects as well. It can help you focus more on gameplay/fun value much more than trying to make it fun by making it eye candy pretty.

    I wish you the best of luck on this! I’ll be following it!

    • isharacomix says:

      I agree! I got my start making games in the Roguelike world, and limiting yourself to ASCII really helps you focus on more fun elements of games without getting wrapped up in graphics. Granted, I still have to make the sprites for my game, and I’m not looking forward to that, but I’m hoping the theme will give me a chance to do something abstracty.

  2. soulrot says:

    And here my Ludum Dare teammate was joking we should create a game in Assembly…
    There isn’t some kind of ‘track’ button on this website is there? Would love to follow your progress on this (as I love Assembly even though I’m a complete newbie), but I don’t have a Twitter account!

    Anyway, good luck with both LD and teaching!

    • isharacomix says:

      I want to be sure to share my progress, but doing it on the LD website would be too distracting, so I’ll just push my screenshots out to Twitter. I’ll post a followup and postmortem on the LD blog at the end describing my success (or lack thereof :P).

  3. miau says:


    I am planning to make an NES game as well and will definitely be following your progress. I’m not ballsy enough to use pure ASM, though, so hats off to you and good luck!

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