Second Go

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August 19th, 2013 1:03 pm

I’m in. Hope someone sees this as the login seems to have gone funny and is convinced I’m not logged in, even as it lets me post this. 😉

Language: Javascript. It would be C++, but technically my employer owns anything I write in C++, so meh.
Libraries: My own framework.
IDE: Notepad++ & Chrome.
Music/Sound: Goldwave + MilkyTracker.
Art: Manga Studio / PS CS2.

I’ll post up the framework I’m working on on Friday, but as it’s the result of precisely five lunchtimes worth of Javascript experience, I wouldn’t advise anyone else using it. Plus, I’m a real OOP whore, and Javascript’s take on inheritance makes me cranky, you’ll hate it.

If this post sounds familiar, you’ve clearly been stalking me since last year.

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