Statistics: “I’m In” Posts

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August 17th, 2013 1:25 pm

I just went through all the “I’m In” posts for the upcoming Ludum Dare written up to this point and collected some data about the preferences of the participants. It’s not very accurate, but it shows the general trends. :)



I hope you all will have a great LD27! Thank you for being awesome!

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6 Responses to “Statistics: “I’m In” Posts”

  1. RadioLemon says:

    Whoa! Thank you so much for doing this; this is awesome!

  2. Katamori says:

    Interesting! A lot of surprises (at least for me, as a newbie).

    Language: I can’t get, why Java is No.1. – probably the cross-platform feature is the reason.

    Graphics: why so many uses softwares? Top3 is expectable anyway, however I prefer Paint.NET way before anything else. I’m not an artist, so PS seems an “overkill” for LD, I think.

    Coding: I thought only a few people (like me) use Notepad++.

    Audio: the success of SFXR has its obvious reason. Needless to explain.

    Libs: LÖVE is more popular than I expected, but strange that Allegro is not in top 10. That’s one of (if not the) best gamedev libs cor C++, I think.

    Level: expectable. At least for me, there’s easier to implement my own editor and map storage format than making it able to import files of other editors. Tile Studio’s custom code generating feature (ability?) is something that made my jaw drop.

    • phi says:

      In my personal opinion, Java is so popular at the moment, because:
      – You don’t need any external libraries to get decent graphics with good performance.
      – Compile once – play on any desktop platform.
      – It’s an easy language.
      – Minecraft.
      There’s a lot of first timers here, and many of them learned Java as their first language. And yes, I really think that Minecraft drags a lot of attention to the Java language.

      Also, the results might be quite random at this point, because I think that most (or many) of the “I’m In” posts are going to be written less than a week before LD starts.

      • Katamori says:

        – true, Java has a serious amount of built-in functions.
        – true, I also mentioned it.
        – well…I don’t know…maybe I haven’t spent enough time with developing for Java, but it seems ways harder for me than C++ or even Lua.
        – indeed. Minecraft.

  3. joekinglake says:

    Very interesting, thanks :-)

  4. shohs says:

    Pretty interesting, thanks for putting the time into this.

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