Theme Slaughter Begins!

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August 14th, 2013 8:24 pm

Phew! Apologies for the late start on this. You would not believe how busy I’ve been. Click above and help us reduce the nearly 3000 themes suggested down to a more manageable size. Thanks!

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  1. crazycrimson says:

    Going through this like crazy. Are there any guidelines?

    • Gjarble says:

      Don’t quote me on this, but I believe the following has generally been true during prior Theme Slaughters:

      – Slaughter everything that consists of a technical requirement, because not everyone will be able to meet it. The point of LD is to encourage developers of all levels of experience participate, using whatever means best suith them. This means a lot of different people using a lot of different development pipelines (i.e. programming languages, game engine/libraries, art tools, and so on- which, for most succesful LDers, are decided before the theme is announced). That stuff alone already places different technical requirements on everyone, and it is impossible to make a theme with another technical requirement that takes everyone into account (not even “runs on a computer”- a few LDers have made board games!).

      – Similarly, downvote (or maybe slaughter) anything that *explicitly* mentions a specific game genre or art style- again, some people won’t be able to meet it due to the very nature of their development pipeline. Stuff that vaguely suggest mechanics (like “Enemies as Weapons” from LD18) are okay because they don’t exclude any kind of game, but a theme like “Platformers” would not be okay. “Minimalism” from LD26 was okay because the minimalism didn’t necessarily have to be in art style, but “Monochromatic” can pretty much only be interpreted from an art standpoint (remember not every game will have graphics- some people write interactive fiction for LD).

      – Other than that, just upvote anything you think would lead to a wide variety of interesting games, and downvote anything else. I tend to downvote anything that suggests a specific setting or narrative genre (like “Space”, “Medieval”, or “Zombies”) because they detract from the variety of the entries, but that’s just my personal preference; they’re perfectly valid themes (they don’t exclude anyone in a technical sense), and many themes like that have made the finals.

      • crazycrimson says:

        Yea, that makes a tonne more sense than what I had in mind. I’d just been
        – slaughtering genres that are descriptive of the mechanics (so slaughtering “platformer”, and “fps”, but not “horror”), phrases (stuff like “give me your wallet”), obscure dictionary words, words from other languages, words which can’t qualify as a minutely useful theme (like “kittens” and “puppies”).

        – Downvoting repeat themes, since “Evolution” and other themes that always make into the list are there and the majority of non-capitalised words that suggested that someone had put words straight in from the dictionary, and material nouns (“Goblins” is downvoted because it is material, “Ghosts” and “Subversion” are not downvoted because they are immaterial, such is just a trend of sorts I noticed).

        – Upvoting stuff which is conducive to freedom of artistic expression and interesting restrictions.

  2. GaTechGrad says:

    I’m pulling for “Ninja Cats!”

  3. Endurion says:

    Ha, for a moment I thought “Slaughter” was the theme already :)

  4. Spaceoff says:

    Huzzah. And that flashing banner just makes the process so much more fun 😀

  5. I also though for a moment that it was the theme anouncement to be “slaughter”. Thank god it wasn’t

  6. Puzzlem00n says:

    Huh. I never saw any link to suggest themes. Oh well.

  7. RobKat says:

    Omg ’30 second RPG’, thats epic, best idea ive heard so far, kudos to its creator :)

  8. Azlen says:

    is there a list of all the themes in the slaughter currently?

    Some of the themes are very interesting so I might want to use some of them in future games.

    Could there be a download put together or something?

  9. Katamori says:

    Amazing idea of reducing the number of themes! I almost couldn’t wait to see some of the suggestions.

  10. RealyUniqueName says:

    I suggest to add a link to for themes in theme slaughter :)

  11. 7Soul says:

    Oh man, looking at these themes I get scared that the final theme will suck. So many bad themes T_T

    • Spaceoff says:

      That’s what this voting process is for… to filter out the incredibly bland or unusable themes and end up with 30 good ones to vote from. I saw a few great themes in there already, you just gotta keep looking.

  12. Snail_Man says:

    I’m pulling for Nostalgia myself. I think it’d be an excellent theme.

    Since I’m a relative LD newb, I accidentally voted for a couple of themes that have been previous LD themes.
    I just went to Wikipedia to look up all previous themes though, just to prevent this.
    (However if the theme ends up being “Growth” or “Evolution”, that’d be my fault `~`)

  13. motty says:

    Totally new here. Glad to see I’m not the only one who spent a little while thinking the theme *was* ‘slaughter’.

    Came up with a few ideas too :(

  14. Katamori says:

    Also, what’s the point of making a theme “bad” instead of “slaughtering”? I mean, for God’s sake, we have over 3000 themes! If something wouldn’t be a good theme, then forget it!

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