I’m in!

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August 13th, 2013 7:25 pm

Hello from Montreal!

I’ll be probably making a game for this next compo. I’ll be making it in javascript, probably using this cool library called Phaser.js!

Phaser┬áis a full html5 canvas game library for both Typescript and Javascript that says to be heavily based on Flixel (flash). All I hope is that those great developers at Photonstorm release the 1.0 version before the competition. They were supposed to release soon, but they currently got a lot of issues because of the Typescript 0.9.1 update that seemed to make errors all around the place. (That’s what happens when you trust Microsoft. Ok, I’m sorry, Typescript actually does seem pretty cool. But whatever, to use typescript to your ease you have to have visual studio, and to have visual studio you have to have windows, and… naaah. I’ll just stick to plain Javascript. )

Good luck to all of you, and have a happy back-to-school time! Also, Mothman.

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  1. capnlove says:

    I wasn’t aware of Phaser but I’ve used PhotonStorm’s flixel upgrades a lot in the past.
    Thanks for the find!

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