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    LD27 Dream Team Proposal

    Posted by (twitter: @Phantom_Green)
    August 12th, 2013 9:35 pm


    Yo, Ludum Dare folk!

    SonnyBone here with an idea that will surely eliminate world hunger, create world peace, and unite all races and religions… all in the name of gaming.

    Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. Maybe not. Can’t hurt to try!

    I’ve been doing the Ludum Dare thing for quite some time, but I always end up doing it by myself. I wanna try working with a team, but not just any team. You see, I’m super busy working on a game of my own… a game that will be released commercially sometime next year. I don’t really have the time or energy to do a full-on LD compo, so teaming up with some other developers is a great way to still participate without having to go all out.

    But I wanna do somethin’ special. I want to team up with former LD ‘winners’ to create a “Dream Team”.

    I have won a bronze medal and two gold medals, and I want to team up with some other medal winners. In fact, you don’t even have to be a medal winner… maybe just top 10 or top 25. I’m looking for LD vets that may want to branch out from the solo game and try a team entry for a change. I’m looking for ‘newbies’ that kicked ass last time… or maybe you have a great portfolio and you want to finally join LD. Basically… I’m looking for something different than what I normally do, and I wanna work with some great coders/designers/artists/etc.

    I am down for providing audio (that’s where I won my two gold medals), but I could also help to provide some artwork and OF COURSE some game design ideas / testing.

    I am based in the U.S. but I am willing to work with anyone as long as we can communicate effectively.

    If nothing comes of this, that’s fine. I’ll still be keeping my eye on what you guys and gals come up with. Ludum Dare is a great learning experience, and it’s always a blast!

    If you’re interested, contact me on Twitter @Phantom_Green or email at SonnyBone at phantomgreen dot com
    Or leave a comment, maybe. Whatever.







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    12 Responses to “LD27 Dream Team Proposal”

    1. Dude, you’re one of my favorite LD peeps and if I had the time to even do LD this time I would jump on this in an instant. I don’t think I’ll even have a chance to enter this one though. :\

    2. Codexus says:

      Interesting idea. But I’m not even sure I’ll do the LD this time and if I do I’ll probably go for the 48h compo for a change…

      (And my “medals” are pretty old anyway, I don’t get such great results now with all those thousands of damn kids participating every time v___v)

    3. SonnyBone says:

      Frog! I retweeted you! We will all miss you this time around, but you’ll be back and better than ever for LD28.



      And Codexus… Well, if nobody else wants to give it a go and you end up changing your mind, please let me know! I would love to work with the LD legend, Codexus.

    4. McFunkypants says:

      This is a great idea! I can’t wait to see what you guys make. I KNOW it will be awesome.

      I also think that we need more of this kind of thing here at LD in order to get more people to JAM.

      More jammers and more teamwork would be a wonderful thing.

      Best of luck!

    5. AngelDE98 says:

      Great idea, but I think I am not even worth it (really, I “lost” all my LDs).

      Good luck, tho!

    6. sfernald says:

      There needs to be an LD jam matchmaking service or something like that. Like match.com, but instead of a baby at the end, you end up with a lil’ game.

    7. SonnyBone says:



      My dream team would have Arne doing art, Vandriver and TijmenTio building the game, and me providing the audio.

      All wars would stop. Food would just appear in people’s mouths.
      The moon would grow giant arms and just hug the Earth!!!



    8. SonnyBone says:

      Oh, and CrackerBlocks coming up with the concept.

    9. sfernald says:

      The problem is a team of lone wolves won’t get very far together. Working as a team on a game requires a lot of different skills than just making a game all by yourself actually. You have to be open to it, and a lot of people around here make these games so they can avoid that kind of crap. That’s why they have to pay those managers so much money.

    10. SonnyBone says:

      That’s one reason why I wanted to try this. I always end up making stuff by myself and I have very limited experience working with others on games. I could do Ludum Dare for centuries by myself and get ‘better’ until I reach a certain point. I want to do the next logical step and work with a team of individual talents. Being a solo indie dev is great fun, but I would love to get some people together to see what it’s like.

    11. SonnyBone says:

      Looks like we may have music/sfx and programming lined up. We can split art duties but it would be nice to get a sweet artist on board.

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