First time on LD

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August 12th, 2013 11:36 pm

Hi there,

This time will be my first LD and i am looking forward to it!

I am 24 years old and  studying physics (Master) in Erlangen. (Game-)Programing is one of my favourite hobbies (as sound-engineering and really bad horror-movies). Coding is the kind of work I can get really into it.

There are no goals nor restricitions for technical tools by now, as i am quite familiar with some different languages, like c,  c++ (normally using this with SFML for games), c#, java. I have also some basic game maker experience (Unity, RPG-Maker XP). I would also be happy to get one feet into web-developement (threejs?) with this event.

Whether I can convince some friends to join, I will be working solo or as a team, but i think i would prefer working as a team, because this seems to be more fun for everybody.

Anyway: I am looking forward to this great opportunity and hope everyone will have a great time!


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  1. hyperbox says:

    Physics masters student making a game? Ok, this should definitely be interesting :)

    If you are comfortable with Java and want to shoot for web accessibility, Java Applet are definitely worth a look.

    Good luck!

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