Really late post of a 7dRTS game but that’s okay

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August 10th, 2013 3:01 am

So my buddy Jan Marcano and I teamed up to make a game for 7dRTS. Due ti my internet connection problems and his family trip we didn’t really finish in time. So here’s what we left off with. We may finish this up or not. Hard to say at the moment. Enjoy it tho :)

Desktop Version (Only tested on Windows): Download

Android Version: Coming soon-ish

–Gameplay Instructions–

Play as the left castle and try and destroy the right castle. At the moment the only aspects in the game that have a function are the first 4 (Barracks, Siege, Archery, and Workers). I’ll explain each of the working aspects below.

Barracks: Determines the spawn rate of your warriors. The higher the number, the faster they spawn.

Siege: Controls reload speed for your Catapult. The higher the number, the faster it shoots.

Archery: Controls how fast your Archer can ready it’s bow. The higher the number, the faster it shoots.

Workers: Used to “repair” your castle, restoring your HP. The higher the number the more HP you get back. (We currently have an animation for this but it is not in atm).

In this game there are only a few units and they have a simple purpose. Here are their info.

Warrior: The Warrior is a melee unit used to attack your enemy’s castle. A warrior will spawn at a steady rate from the front of your castle and move toward your enemy. This rate is directly affected by the Barracks aspect. If it encounters an enemy Warrior then it shall perish along with the enemy’s Warrior. When a Warrior reaches the enemy’s castle it will do damage and then perish.

Catapult: The Catapult is a ranged unit that repeatedly shoots rocks at the enemy castle. It can not get killed and it only effected by the Siege aspect.

Archer: The Archer is a ranged unit that sits atop your castle. It’s purpose is to shoot any enemy Warrior that gets into range. It’s reload speed is directly effected by the Archery aspect. The Archer can not die.


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