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August 9th, 2013 8:42 pm

I have no idea what toolset I’m gonna use, to be honest. Previously I’ve used Flashpunk & Game Maker, but I’m having tilemap issues* and Game Maker isn’t optimal for me at the moment.
(The following part I digress into my recent tool experiences, feel free to not read on)

I’ve also had my eye on C++, but I can’t seem to configure it or any of it’s libraries(SDL,SFML) to work**.

I’ve been mucking around in unity, but It just doesn’t…gel with me. I think it’s because the language(“Unity Script” I think it’s called?) seems really inconsistent.

Coming from a Animation background (Flash, that is) the first language I tried after game maker was AS3, and I feel I haven’t toyed with it enough to really go in to detail; It’s going fairly well.

And finally is Love2D. The syntax was very foreign to me, considering that at the time I had never heard of Lua. Love2D is nice, but it has no dedicated (Is that the right phrase?) IDE so that really puts me off.

Thanks for listening and I’d love some feedback.

*The tilemap is all scattered and doesn’t comply with the actual tilemap in the OGMO editor. Feedback is welcome
**Could someone help with this please?

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  1. Madball says:

    Unity uses 3 languages: Javascript, C# and Boo (Unity Script? I think I heard it somewhere…). If you know C++

    • Dan C says:

      What Unity calls “JavaScript” is actually “UnityScript”, which is a JavaScript-derivative with some additional features including support for classes and static typing. It’s quite similar to ActionScript.

  2. Madball says:

    Sorry, accidentaly submitted.
    If you know C++, you should be OK with C#.

  3. sfernald says:

    If you haven’t got your libraries compiling in c++, don’t even think about using it. That’s one language where you want to have your ducks in a row before you dive in. I mean, I love it (especially C++11), but you have to be prepared. Just getting your framework together with the libraries of your choice can be a project onto itself.

    If you want something fast and easy to get going on, with a logical API and a nice IDE, let me recommend Processing. It’s simple and logical enough that you can go in at the last second with it and you still shouldn’t have too many technical problems getting up and going. Plus, it’s fun as hell because the API was designed for tweaky algorithmic graphics apps like demoscene type stuff. Check it out.

  4. Chewynouget says:

    Thanks for the help everyone! I really appreciate it!

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